Bruksgarden by Petra Gripp

Bruksgarden by Petra Gipp is located in  Hoganas, Sweden. It´s located in the industrial polygon where most of the ceramic is made. This project is a testament to the production of ceramic from the past, present and future.  

The Briksgarden by Petra Gripp has an area of 1700 sqm2 it consists of a complex of volumes. The managers residence was located here, but since the Lindéngruppen needed an office for their internal affairs, the volume was transfored into an office. So the managers residence was transformed into the additional volume of the factory.

Its common, that due to the fact that this is a group with so much design and history, their office represents the composition and form with its materiality. 

The project is composed of three volumes, , Bruksgarden by Petra creates a composition between the old and the new, creating a composition between the old and the new. The spaces where refurbished in their interior, the existent building represents the past and the new office which is a white box, represents the present and future for the ceramic complex. 

The connection of the three volumes creates a typology of long house. The tilted roofs, the charcoal brick color, black ceramic and the concrete makes the volumes differentiate between them. The third volume looks like its a vertical extension of the project. 

In addition the wood is used to give emphasis to the key elements of the building. The window frames, the panelled interiors, and the sculptured stair is made of wood. This detailing generates a more warm atmosphere in the interior. 

Photography by Jens Markus Linhe.