Buddy, the ideal co-worker for your desk

Buddy is a lamp designed by Mads Sætter-Lassen for the Northern brand. Mads is a new generation of Danish designers. He has finished different studies inside the field of the design. He bases his ideas in a more interdisciplinar way, between the interior design and the materials. On the other hand, Northern looks for the simplicity and the functionality in the products. Both they believe in the purity of the materials, so they think that it’s not needed to beautify them, but they are beautiful by themselves.



Buddy, in concrete, has been the winner of the Northern Lighting Student Design Award in 2015. Its main idea was to be the ideal complement for all. Not only being a lamp, but also help us to have a better space to work on. More organized and with the things near.



In Buddy is searched mainly the help for the user while this is working. Facilitate and provide on hand the objects that each of them require to work is fundamental and, in this case, it comes integrated



The main characteristic of Buddy, is that it has incorporated a ‘pencil saver’. So, in this way there’s no need to have another one. But, in this way, it’s allowed to save space, and have it integrated in a desk lamp. It has the perfect size. Is used, fundamentally, to save all those little objects, which are needed in a precise moment working. But when you clean up, you prefer to not hide them and have it on hand.



On the other hand, naturally, the focus of Buddy is multidirectional. In this way you can focalize the light as you want on the table. Being this direct or indirect. This characteristic is very important for the work tables nowadays. Because the sight gets tired more than the normal, and having a light that can be changed, according to the necessity, is fundamental.



The main material that is made of, is the steel. This is decorated with plain colours, such as dark grey, green, garnet, and white. The topic of the colours always is very important. Because is the one that allows a huge variety and versatility of places where it could be placed, and the amount of clients increase.



At the end, such as it name says, is a colleague which will help you to have a space more organized, and the better illumination to work in every moment.