A beech wood speaker designed by Nendo

The design studio Nendo, based in Tokyo, has developed a wireless speaker for Bunaco. A brand of ecological products for the habitat located in Aomori, north of Japan. Their designs are characterized by using the beech wood found in their region.





The brand Bunaco works the wood through thin strips of wood that allow to manufacture resistant products and that, in addition, has become the identity of the company.


Bunaco speaker, is the perfect balance between craftsmanship and design.




Bunaco speaker is a wireless speaker with exceptional acoustic qualities. Its internal shape made by beech wood strips allow to obtain a very clear and smooth high quality sound. All speaker components are placed inside a vertical cylinder, the cylinder allows to increase both the distribution of the sound and its acoustic quality.




Its housing made of a transparent acrylic material, allows the user to observe all the components of the speaker and its internal operation. Highlighting the interior of Bunaco speaker in this way. In addition, Nendo has left one end of the piece unfinished in this way the user can intuitively understand the construction of its structure.




An innovative speaker design, sober and minimalist. That allows the user to enjoy good design and appreciate the craftsmanship.






Photographer: Akihiro Yoshida