New kitchen thanks to Buraglia Kitchen Studio

“In the kitchen projects, we can’t say that everything is created,” says Augustine Buraglia, studio manager in Valencia. How many possibilities does the kitchen have? Is there a counter where you can can cook, serve in dishes and eat? Progress in kitchen designing through flexible induction plates has resulted in multi-tables where the stove disappears. Buraglia Kitchen Studio supports surfaces that challenges the specialty of the kitchen and improves its versatility.


For example, Pirr de Reginox’s gas cooker makes easy to stoves that lay directly on the bench. Design brands showed its offers that provides integrated and cleaned spaces, at Eurocuccine.

Countertop TPB tech minimizes stove’s presence and brings a new sensing of the kitchen. The porcelain is the material that allows integrating the invisible induction system and the gas plates.

The product encourages a minimalist layout. Visual cleaning is achieved because any further component is supressed, thanks to the integration of the fire and the table.

Buraglia Kitchen Studio-main-encimera-inducción

Buraglia Kitchen Studio works with innovating cooking products that help creating minimalist spaces

Buraglia Kitchen Studio creates simplicity and functionality. The work at the kitchen becomes interactive with the rest of the house with its designs. The countertop integrates the living room and the kitchen making easier open distribution.

Innovating new materials permits to create kitchens that do not burn, do not scratch and do not get dirty. The cooking experience changes on a kitchen that makes easier the activities around it.

Buraglia Kitchen Studio diseño minimalista inducción

The traditional glass on the induction stove has been removed. Buraglia Kitchen Studio works into clear aesthetic designs that don’t break with the house distribution. In cuisine projects, it ensures greater accuracy and comfort. The work is streamlined and it can be focused on preparing the dish. Buraglia discovers a new concept of minimalist kitchen that meets more needs with less.

Buraglia Kitchen Studio