By Studios, compact apartments with fold-out elements

By Studios is the result of transforming a former commertial architecture into compact apartments. A renovation project carried out by waataa [we are all together around architecture]; a Portuguese architecture firm who are always seeking the perfect balance between discernment (reason) and feeling (emotion) in their architectonical creation. Due to the nature of the pre-existence –three great empty spaces with high ceilings and large windows-, the new housing core could not, and should not, follow the conventional patterns.



Besides the creation of two different levels, in order to take the most out of the original height, the main design strategy for turning the pre-existence architecture into a living space was the introduction of a range of wooden independent structures. A system which not only solves the new spatial organisation but also allows to distribute all the functional contents necessary to the house.

By Studios is the transformation of a void commertial space into compact and modern multifunctional apartments.

The pre-existence walls are covered with cabinets which act now as the physical limits of By Studios apartments. This way, the perimeter of the house is turn into active walls with large storing space and functional folding elements while ensuring acoustic and thermal control. In addition, it has been also made a reorganization and reformulation of the existing sanitary facilities so they can be appropriated by lower and upper levels.




Nevertheless, the key elements that shape By Studios are two coloured modules that act like functional containers. The yellow one contains everything related to the act of cooking, while the blue one is more related to resting. These two modules organize the functions and define the space of the house as if they were interactive scenic elements. Their design allows the total freeing-up of space as well as the overlapping and intertwining of different spatial functions. By opening and closing, getting up and down, By Studios invites the user to interact with the house and transforms his daily experience.



By Studios also presents a curated palette of colours and finishes. In a predominant white space, certain elements are highlighted such as the OSB staircase as well as the functional modules strong coloured in yellow and blue. The result are modern and compact apartments, with a touch of minimalism and functional character, aimed to be adapted to the needs of every user and moment.








All images courtesy of waataa