Ca Peter and Lisa by David Estal

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With Ca Peter and Lisa, the Valencian architect David Estal recovers a housing in the Valencian maritime neighborhood of El Cabanyal. The project is an integral refurbishment of a Courtyard house from 1925 that preserves the memory of the traditional house and enriches it with contemporary, warm and habitable spaces.

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With Ca Peter and Lisa,  David Estal designs an integral refurbishment of a courtyard house from 1925 in the Valencian maritime neighborhood of El Cabanyal. 

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Ca Peter and Lisa, which contains a small inner courtyard, is located between walls in a north-south parallel direction street to the Mediterranean Sea. The crossing plot, with east-west orientation, allows the cross ventilation and provides direct access from the street, following the characteristic scheme of the typical maritime housing. The house continues the rectangular form of the 27,7×5,4m plot, and the sunny courtyard dispose of two lemon trees that reinforce the identity and Mediterranean character of this space. In the courtyard, which turns into the core of the project, places a stair adjoined to the mid wall which provides access to the terrace located above the former storage space.

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Due to the need of new internal spaces, during the 50s the house resulted in multiple alterations . The pitched roof with traditional double bay was replaced by a new reinforced concrete structure which generated the current double-height and gave way to three bays with solid brick pillars. After closing the lateral body of the kitchen there were four bays. This performance created an even darker internal space in the house. In this way, the main challenge of Ca Peter and Lisa was to introduce natural light in the housing and to turn it into a warmer and more habitable space adapted to the new needs.


Ca Peter and Lisa design have followed and promoted the typical elements of the way of living in El Cabanyal, promoting the relation with the street, the crossed ventilation, the centrality of the court and the original height by a Mediterranean materiality that confirms the warmth of the materials finishes, constructive simplicity and traditional textures with a diapohanous contemporary offer of space. In addition, with the intention of respecting to the maximum the original proportions of the housing, the constructed surface from the intervention respects the preexisting volumetries.

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Photography by Mariela Apollonio