“Cabanas no Rio” by Aires Mateu

Lisbon architect Aires Mateus have designed “Cabanas no Rio“, two cabins on the river made entirely by reused wood. This project is an archetypal design, a classic, simple and elegant design with hipped roof, which stands out in a rural landscape, located in Comporta, Portugal, onto a wharf.

Like twins, this “Cabanas no Rio” rest on the bank of a river, adapting itself completely to the landscape, with its dun and dark colour, which will be changing its appearance, colour and texture, together with the weather and time passing. Entirely by recycled wood, this cottages have no facing, no covering, neither inside nor outside. They chose purism on material and this fits perfectly in the rustic atmosphere.

“The wharf is medieval and assembled with wood. Its identity is kept long beyond the material’s resistance. An identity that allows to change, to replace, keeping all the values. The project develops two spaces: one to unwind with the support of a kitchen integrated in the same material of the walls; other as a sleeping area with a small bathroom and a shower” said architects.

Design is full of details, perfect meeting between wood boards that let us to think about the surrealism of perfection. Never right angles, and not one is like another, that is what should you think when you are looking at each edge.

The roof’s edges sits on cabin’s walls. This area of just 26 squared meters was built off-site and transported to the site on the back of a lorry. Some similar projects are ABATON and

Cabanas no Rio – Photography by Nelson Garrido


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