Cable House by Tom Robertson Architects


The Cable House in Melbourne, Australia transforms a small and dark workers’ cottage into a contemporary family home, by finding elegant solutions to the challenges posed by the dense urban environment, narrow south-facing site, and heritage context.


The architects of the project, Tom Robertson Architects address two seemingly competing requirements: the design must deliver light, functional spaces for a young family, as well as simultaneously remaining sensitive to the surrounding area.


Cable House is a sleek and minimalist family house in Melbourne, Australia


The striking Gable roof of the Cable House ensures that the lowest points adjoin the neighboring properties- a simple yet elegant solution to planning regulations. A skylight is installed over the stairs and above the kitchen, to bring natural light into the living spaces, while a window at table height connects the dining space to a small eastern courtyard.


By working with minimal outdoor space, plants are integrated into the architecture to preserve a connection to nature. A planter box is also built into the façade- with vines growing around steel cables to soften the minimalist lines, eventually creating a living green exterior.


Internally, the Cable house has a planter for vines encased in joinery and steel cables form the balustrade, echoing the cables and vines of the exterior, bringing foliage into the heart of the home.





All the photos belong to  Tatjan Plitt.