Cabotte, a wine-tasting pavilion in France by H2O architects

cabotte (4)

Cabotte, designed by H2O architects, is a living reminder of the wine culture. This wine-tasting pavilion hides in Mondragon fields, in south France. With a look into the past, architects replace the dry stone of the classical Cabotte by wood. An untreated larch wood lasting and solid, macerating on the hill.cabotte (8)

cabotte (9)

From the outside, Cabotte is a dense volume blending in with the vineyards. But suddenly we uncork a great inner finesse, a lighted, soft and oxygenated atmosphere, like a white wine. Here is a perfect place to enjoy wine, calm and whisper countryside.

Cabotte uncorks a finesse atmospherecabotte (5)

cabotte (3)

Cabotte is a twin gable space dropping freely the wooden planks. This brings a cheerful movement as though pressing grapes. The pieces are expanded in the field and arrange a sweet table to taste the Drôme wine, an office and a restroom.cabotte (7)

cabotte (6)

cabotte (2)

The pavilion large windows let the countryside serenity in. In front the opening, the observation invades the lookout. This amazing viewpoint is a call to loosen up and boast nature, a time to reach a cup of wine.

cabotte (1)

Cabotte is a red wine into the landscape and a white wine, cold and glad in the inner ambience to cool down and behold Mont Ventoux.


Photography by Julien Attard