Cake shop Marier, a little pause to breathe and enjoy nature and sweetest design.

Cake shop Marier, is the first personal shop opened by Marier Wagashi. It is located in the old Shangmeilin neighborhood, Shenzhen, China. A very special, intimate and careful project carried out by Li Baolong and Chen Xiaohu of  BloomDesign studio.


Cake shop Marier is a ground floor of an old building, in a traditional neighborhood, away from the urban crowd and of dehumanization of the populated city. A perfect place, to design the perfect store, to serve the perfect cake. A premise that designers have taken from Maruyama, the brand founder, and tireless searcher for this subtle and delicious perfection.


Cake shop Marier is a minimalist design, relating the essence of nature and gastronomy.


Starting from the philosophy of making the work the best possible, and just as the best cake requires the best ingredients, the best design will require a very carful selection of materials. Large windows working as showcases mark the full and empty rhythms on a long, white, smooth facade.

All the materials used remember their origin, or even have not undergone processes of treatment; the gray stone taken from the surface of the mine or the use of the wood in the natural state. The terrazzo floor recalls the architectural tradition of the place, but having been adapted to a contemporary look. As a finishing touch a faint and careful lighting, are all the decoration that Cake shop Marier needs.


At Cake shop Marier nature and design merge into a shared experience. The old tree on the is captured by the large windows and dialogues with the original rock from inside. The raw and pure textures are the ideal complement to the special tea ceremony, always accompanied by a sweet touch.


Marier, in Japanese means intimacy between people. Cake shop Marier, seeks precisely this connection, and translate it into nature and architecture, to the most essential sense of gastronomy and design. A minimalist architecture, ornament free, simple, but with a powerful communication.

Photos by: Nie Xiaocong.