The creative heritage of Camper firm

With more than 42 years in the footwear trade, Camper has become one of the most visible brands in Spain within an international recognition and leadership in its area.

This family business founded by Llorenç Fluxà, it distinguishes by its strong commitment to the creative sector such as; design, photography, architecture or advertisement.

The tight relationship that Camper has with Mallorca’s countryside it has always been an important fact for the brand, which has reflected their designs and the production over the years. The company still has its headquarters in Mallorca, the island where the brand was founded back in 1975.

“In Camper we are not manufacturers, we are footwear designers”


The communication and the visual message has been one of Camper’s fundamental pillars since its beginnings. Not only for a commercial objective but also to transmit an honest message of the brand values.

This set of elements has made this brand won the Laus Enterprises and Entities award, this past 30th of July, on the 47th edition of the ADG Laus Awards. The prize recognizes companies with an outstanding trajectory on the design and communication field.

Llorenç Fluxà in his interview for the annually Megabook published by ADG Laus has a clear stance regarding Camper’s positioning: “We are not manufacturers, we are footwear designers”

In 2000, Camper adopted a new approach to communication, instead of focusing essentially on the product, was intended to promote the brand value. This strategy was decisive to change the consumer’s view concerning the firm image.

The latest crucial decision that Camper has made it was on 2014, when Romain Kremer, a French fashion designer, that had collaborated before with the firm, became the brand’s first ever Creative Director.

Kremer pushed forward the brand’s boundaries and gave a new twist to their classic irreverence.

Camper was built under the values of freedom, comfort and creativity. Today constitutes an exceptional brand, a mixture between components; modernity and tradition, creativity and austerity, simplicity and sumptuousness.