Camposaz, small scale wooden architectures

camposaz-tampa-madera-arquitectura-more-with-less-02Camposaz was born as an initiative of architectural research and experimentation thanks to the collaboration between the two cultural associations of Aguaz and Campomarzio. A collaborative wood self-construction workshop in 1:1 scale which, in each edition, brings together an international team of young architects and designers led by a tutor and local carpenters. Each year it is held in a different country and proposals are adapted to each specific location. They are also aimed to condense in a unique experience immaterial and material aspects of the constructions development, while enhancing the entire creative process.

camposaz-tampa-madera-arquitectura-more-with-less-05camposaz-tampa-madera-arquitectura-more-with-less-04Last year edition took place in the city of Brasov, in Rumania. A city with a strong emerging process of architecture and social regeneration and a great natural park, which is the perfect scenario for Camposaz intervention.

The main aim of Camposaz is to design and self-construct wooden architectural devices thought to enrich and enhance the public space and the surrounding landscape

Tampa is the result of ten days of creation and construction, materialized as two wooden independent structures but thought to be understood as a whole. An architectural installation conceived as a sensorial research process aimed to achieve a dialog with the natural morphologic characteristics and the landscape insights.


camposaz-tampa-madera-arquitectura-more-with-less-09Taking human scale as main reference, the body and manual work are considered essential expression tools. The process is based on the understanding that design and constructive phases should move forward in parallel and evolve in symbiosis in order to find the maximum coherence in the site adaptation. In such a way, the team identified the essence of the natural space and started a search of primitive elements of architecture as basic elements to work with.

camposaz-tampa-madera-arquitectura-more-with-less-03 camposaz-tampa-madera-arquitectura-more-with-less-11Light, air and nature itself give form and space to Camposaz architecture. Simple geometries generate a wooden installation rich in spatial versatility and provide an attractive continuity between inside and outside, between intimacy and opening in a rhythmic dialog with the surroundings. The result is a structure that invites to a calm landscape contemplation and suggest new possible horizons for the visitor to observe while encourage us to an inner reflexion before continuing our path.



Sinziana Macaveiu, Adina Cristina Costea, Oti Hrebenciuc, Sebastian Apostol, Marianna Landi , Florina Pop, Daniele Demattè, Cezar Cernea


Giovanni Wegher, Massimo Bertoluzza


Iulia Alexandra, Bogdan Barbu , Margherita Vitale, Tatiana Levitskaya

Photos by Iualia Alexandra y Sebastian Apostol