Can Xomeu Rita, en efficient architecture integrated in the landscape

can-xomeu-rita-arquitectura-vivienda-more-with-less-11Marià Castellò founded his architecture studio in Formentera (Spain) with the clear aim of creating an architecture focused on patrimony, landscape and sustainability. It is in this architectural basis that Can Xomeu Rita lays on; a small dwelling name after the traditional estate where it is located, in the interior of the island.



The location of the house responds to the territory and dialogues with its environment. Thus, the volume of the new architecture is aligned with the existing dry stone walls, taking advantage of a plot space free of vegetation close to the field of wheat and oats.

Can Xomeu Rita represents one of the best examples of efficient, sustainable and timeless architecture perfectly integrated in the landscape

This location coincides with the south good orientation, to where the more public rooms are open, along with the entrance and the best sights over the landscape. On the other hand, the night area is set in the north side, where bedrooms are facing towards East and West. This way, we can see how the simplicity of the living programme is reflected in plan, organised through three strips that goes from the most public to the most private areas with a central diaphanous space of relationship, kitchen and dining room.



A previous analysis of the orientation as well as the prevailing winds has been the key for Can Xomeu Rita design. A bioclimatic design based on the fact of taking advantage of cross ventilation to acclimate the interior ambiance in a natural way. Furthermore, the design of the entrance porch, along with its correct dimensioning, guarantee a solar radiation in winter at the same time that constitutes a shadowing system for summer. This enables the dwelling to stay cool in the summertime and to conserve the heat during the coldest months.



Can Xomeu Rita shows a constructive sincerity that let the raw materials uncovered along with a natural colour palette in white and earth tones. Honeycomb clay blocks and limestone finishes cover the interior surfaces, while the carpentry and a series of built-in furniture pieces –tables, bed structures, etc.-  are made out of pine wood.




Can Xomeu Rita results in a very eficient and timeless architecture perfectly integrated in the landscape. A wonderful example of good practice that shows the beauty of simplicity on the highest extent, with constructive solutions that bring warmth, comfort and health to the home.




can-xomeu-rita-arquitectura-vivienda-more-with-less-33can-xomeu-rita-arquitectura-vivienda-more-with-less-32All images courtesy of Marià Castellò