Can, comfort in simplicity

Can is a couch designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for the Danish brand Hay. The main objective for the designers and for the brand is to create a quality furniture and durable.


The idea of Can arises from a want in going beyond of designing a simple couch. Apart from a practical, comfortable and elegant design, it is searched to include certain features important in the actual society. Leaving the complicated couch, to something more simple, relaxed and available.


Can is formed of three differentiated parts: the metallic structure of the couch, the cushions and the base to place the cushions and the seat. This differentiation of the parts, allows to decompose the couch. Thanks to this separation of the elements of this furniture, allows the separation and the collocation to put all in a flat-pack.

“The name ‘Can’ is the idea that ‘you can’, ‘you can make it’, just don’t be afraid.” Erwan Bouroullec


Talking about the form of it, even though being a simple couch in respect of a furniture, it’s perceived in a comfortable and pleasant way. Being on the cushions provides this moment of well-being, to be relaxed, read, or talk with some friends,… It can be placed in a waiting room, at the office or at home.


The three models that they present are: a couch with two and three seats and an armchair. This allows to combinate between them. The facility of mount and remove of this furniture gives an important fact to this. Apart from being useful for the user, this is comfortable and simple.


Can has been projected to change things, arriving to different concepts of design. The importance is given to the user, to the necessities that it has and which can afford this kind of furniture, without leaving behind the fact that is a couch. More simple, more structured and more modest.