Casa 4.1.4. por AS/D Asociación de Diseño


Situated in the small community of Jurica Campestre, in Mexico is the weekend residence, Casa 4.1.4 by the Spanish architectural practice, AS/D Asociación de Diseño. The design of the residence aims to reinterpret the concept of a holiday home, by deconstructing its central core program into four individualized volumes. The layout of the Casa 4.1.4. is planned as a central house volume with three independent suites. This configuration allows the central house volume to act as a plaza where one can enjoy the outdoors. Within the key spaces of the house, an interior- exterior relationship is established, where the interior spaces are well connected to nature and surrounding environment. With this unique layout, Casa 4.1.4 establishes its own contextual setting.


The design for Casa 4.1.4 was first conceived by establishing a 5m x 5m grid, that helped identify the various positions of the volumes and reconfigure their relationship to one another. The name of the project Casa 4.1.4., is derived from the following layout ratio: four collective volumes, one central house volume and four dispersed plazas or patio spaces.


Casa 4.1.4. redefines the idea of a holiday home by deconstructing it into individualized volumes that actively engage with one another


With the four volumes of Casa 4.1.4. dispersed around the site, the main house volume acts as the main facilitator of the project’s program; it houses the kitchen, living, dining and bedroom areas. Within a total area of approximately 155 sq metres, the area is divided into suites or ‘cubes’ of just 25 sq metres that collectively establish a context around a central plaza. This unique layout of Casa 4.1.4. allows the interior spaces to operate independently from the house, whilst maintaining privacy. Furthermore, these volumes feature unobstructed views which allows them to maintain intimacy with one another. The scattering of the plants and shrubbery establishes a relationship between the architecture and landscape which results in a relaxing outdoor space with a diverse vegetation.