Casa 4 Generaciones Tamomi Kito

The Casa 4 Generaciones Tamomi Kito is a interior renovation project in Kyoto Japan designed by  Tomomi Kito Architects. The original house, that was built almost 40 years ago, was originally built in timber structure. This four generation house is a two floor house and has 140 sqm.

In this project the most reliable thing is not only the wood details and work, but also the distribution and communication between one space and other. In the Casa 4 Generaciones Tamomi Kito 4 generations live together and this is theyr story.

Casa 4 Generaciones Tamomi Kito is a project where the living space has to be solved with good design.

The interesting thing of this renovation is that the changes of use in the purpose and needs of the house, where the main problem to be solved. The original house had only two owners, when their daugther had a child she decided to move with them. Because of this the Casa 4 Generaciones Tamomi Kito had to be renovated, but the design was done poorly and the house was left with many spaces without the correct light and ventilation. When the mother of the parents, her grandmother, got sick in the countryside, and the four generations had to live together they decided  to hire the architecture firm  Tomomi Kito for solving the correct distribution and design solution for Casa 4 Generaciones Tamomi Kito.

The solution he proposed was to open up the spaces, using materials such as wood and incorporating fixed furniture to the house. The concave ceiling was designed this way to spread the light and also to give a sense of freedom to the house. In this way they where able to achieve the goal of reaching light and ventilation to all the spaces of the house.

The timber beams and the white finishes are simple but they give character to the space. The open spaces where the family gathers are fresh and clean. The house of four generations is a multigenerational space where a solution to the family congregations is shown. Using open and closed spaces, mixing spaces of intimacy and gathering using good design.

Photography by Satoshi Shigeta