House in Paderne, reused materiality

by | 28 July 2018 | architecture

padernes-more-with-less-02House in Paderne, work of Carlos Quintáns, is located in the O Courel mountain range, a special place that preserves a series of characteristics that have been disappearing due to the advancement of development and the standardization of all natural or transformed spaces or inhabited.
padernes-more-with-less-01This place preserves another time, other smells, other colors, exceptional vegetation and some villages almost unchanged and Padernes, where the house is located is one of them.

House in Paderne starts from the existence of an old palleiro, to which the new one is demolished and the thick stone walls are preserved on which the wooden structure that makes up the house will be built.padernes-more-with-less-09padernes-more-with-less-04

Down the bedrooms and upstairs to look at the topographical and vegetation spectacle.
padernes-more-with-less-07The walls of masonry shelter with their thickness to the dormitories and the wooden structure when being, showing both forms to do and to construct. The house does not intend to hide anything, everything is evident.
padernes-more-with-less-14The upper floor adapts to each corner and knows how to raise or lower to solve small differences and take advantage of all the spaces.
padernes-more-with-less-10Up the wooden structure that repeats with small variations and is deformed to the rhythm of the trace of the walls, is exhibited and accompanied by more wood: inside and outside. The wood below fills and gives warmth to compact and compartmentalized sleeping spaces.
padernes-more-with-less-11The house is arranged in a spiral that is accessed from an intermediate point and has its highest point in the kitchen and the lowest in the bedrooms.
padernes-more-with-less-08The continuous space of the upper floor is fragmented with two height changes that achieve a certain privacy at the entrance and then show the strength of the landscape.
padernes-more-with-less-13The house, with a minimum size, makes the most of each corner and leaves a section of generosity and spaciousness that is comfortable and that gives it a certain grandiosity in its use.
padernes-more-with-less-12The external materiality consists of a roof that recovers the slates of the old building to conserve its large dimensions and the rough texture they possessed and the facades of chestnut wood that is typical of the area.
padernes-more-with-less-05Inside dm panels painted and placed between the structure so that it can be seen.
padernes-more-with-less-01Although the construction goes through traditional materials, the abstraction gives them a new look with the roundness of the plane changes between roof and facades.


Photography: Ángel Baltanás

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