Casa Marto responds to the paradigm of the contemporary city

Casa Marto, designed by the Adamo-Faiden studio responds to the paradigm of the contemporary city. Today we live in a context where everything implies and carries with itself a number of variants both in the users and in the activities they perform. Nothing is permanent, nor is it thought of in a static way. Such growth increases almost exponentially, so the architect or builder must respond flexibly in order to match the immediate and predetermined needs assigned to each space.


This Argentine studio is able to take on board the differing needs of the clients. In this project, the request of a family was to build a new house on a plot with an existing building, in the north of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Casa Marto obtains the necessary information of the surrounding houses in order to gain the necessary insight into the context of the plot as a whole.


Since the existing house is located in the central area of the plot, Casa Marto will be constructed partially on the front of the plot. This house is organised on two floors and is structured against the wall of the neighbouring building which rises to ten metres. Because of this structural organisation, the new house focuses towards the garden of the opposite plot. Running across the entirety of the first level is an open metal container which allows space for vegetation to become a central part of the building which then appears to merge with the garden of the opposite plot.


As for the make up of Casa Marto, a garage and small room are found on the ground floor. While on the first floor, the bedroom, bathroom and living room are all located. Finally, (a constant in most of his works), a terrace is designed that manages to form a relationship with the surrounding landscape.




“The contemporary constructor abandons certainty and objectivity as a focus. Instead, he settles into a heterogeneous and unstable context and does so with a certain optimism. By understanding and appreciating that instability and heterogeneity are not frustrating but rather an invaluable focus for creativity, the constructor is able to acquire the tools of the contemporary constructor “The Contemporary Constructor of Sebastian Adamo and Marcelo Faiden.



Photography by Cristobal Palma.