Casa no tempo

by | 8 October 2017 | architecture

casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-14Casa no tempo, work of the Portuguese studio Aires Mateus is situated in Montemor-o-novo, Portugal.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-8This is an example of rehabilitation of a country house.

The intervention in casa no tempo is directed to recover the natural beauty of the territory and the rural landscape, avoiding the conventional approach to liberate the land.

casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-11This was achieved through the construction of three complementary structures. The first step was the restoration of the house, recognizing and respecting its cultural heritage, highlighting the natural qualities associated with this place.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-15The second structure introduces the water element in the form of a pool, a square in the middle of the field, reminiscent of the topography of the beach but transferred to this place.

casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-12The third structure takes the form of a square, similar to a labyrinth, a walled garden.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-1It comprises a hectare of interconnected areas, housing a variety of cultivated flowers and vegetables, as well as related agricultural structures.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-5The garden shows itself as a palette of visual and sensory experiences, combining and juxtaposing its elements to guide visitors along the paths.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-4Casa no tempo has a white materiality, which provides a room with an interior amplitude that appears to the landscape through punctual holes in the facade.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-3The rooms are freed of storage furniture since this is placed almost imperceptibly on the entire edge that gives the facade. The furniture included is made of wood.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-6The baths have a ceramic materiality following the white color to generate that interior uniformity.
casa-no-tempo-more-with-less-9The floor is made up of a ceramic material typical of the area where the house is located which is checked in certain points of the house with a carpet to give warmth to the rooms.

Photography: Joao y Andrea Rodriguez

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