Casa Tiny, concrete in the jungle

by | 9 November 2017 | architecture

Casa Tiny is one of the first works of Aranza de Ariño, a young Mexican architect. It is located near Puerto Escondido on the coast of Oaxaca in Mexico. In this area for many years, huge secondary residences were built. Opposite to those, Casa Tiny was inspired by Walden by Henry David Thoreau. It stands out as a place designed to live with the minimum.

Taking advantage of a context that allows you to live with less everything is reduced to a minimum, spaces, details, and materials. To face the heat and tropical rains, the house has a high gabled roof. Inside there are three spaces. A space to sleep on a mezzanine that we can hardly qualify as a room. The only separate space is the bathroom. And the central element is the kitchen that is also the table. Outside two terraces offer two spaces for activities and different times of the day.

Concrete is a material commonly associated with the city but Casa Tiny stands out and at the same time integrates perfectly into its environment, a small subtropical forest almost on the shore.

On one side there is a large Mallorcan blind of wood of parota that being open unites the terrace with the interior space turning everything into a single element. At the center of the house and this terrace is the kitchen, which consists of a large concrete table that is half inside and half outside. On the other side another terrace with a pool, also made of concrete.

Photos by Camila Cossio

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