Casinha by Daher Jardim Arquitectura


The recently completed Casinha by Daher Jardim Arquitectura is a residential project in Brasilia, Brasil. This project was based on an existing structure located near one of the lateral boundaries of the site. The initial program for this project contained a single bedroom, bathroom, and warehouse that totaled 24sqm. This program was expanded to include a kitchen space, a service area, and living room, which has now been transformed into a 60sqm house.


This project had a restricted budget and a short time to execute, which required cost-effective materials and efficient construction methods to be adopted. The total construction period of the project lasted less than 3 months.


Casinha is a minimalist project that creates a strong sense of home and comfort on a small budget


Throughout the design, the color white was adopted to make the house more discreet as well as help to reflect the heat of the sun, making it a calm and pleasant house. Sliding panels in sleek metal frames and wooden shelves helped to organize space and give a sense of intimacy to the spaces in the house.


The design of Casinha includes thermo-acoustic tiles which provide comfort for the inhabitants as well as allowing the structure of the house to be very delicate and simple. The white envelope of the design creates an environment that exposes the artwork in the house. Furthermore, a molded concrete bench is integrated into the design, which is used as a food preparation area, as well as a dining table. Through the integration of open, and expansive windows, a strong relationship with the outdoor garden space is creating, while also enabling good ventilation and entry of natural lighting.