Catch all, shelf that organizes your things to lead them out from home

Catch all is a shelf designed by Studio Tolvanen and produced by NakNak. The Studio Tolvanen is formed mainly from Mika and Julie. In this case, Mika is Finnish, and Julie American. They together founded the studio in 2015. The main products that they design are the ones that goes at home. Also, they believe in a design based on the function, being unique but simple. So, in this way, with only the form, you can understand which it’s the function.



On the other hand, NakNak it’s a fabricant that works with a lot of different designers. They are one referent producer for a lot of brands, but always defending the design. That one that is simple and functional. In this way, it’s easier to organize yourself at home. With its own workshop, of metal that is located in Taiwan, they use folded techniques and wires.They believe in a handcrafted way of work. The name comes from the handcrafts and the materials of all the products that they use.



In concrete, with Catch all they applied all the philosophy from the studio, with the way to make of the manufacturer. This is mainly made of steel tubes. It’s main function is to be located on the entrances from the houses. So, you can leave your things well organized once you arrive at home, and have them close once you leave.



Catch all, collects the things that you bring from the street, and it leaves them close once you have to leave

The use of the Catch all is easy, because you can complement it with hangers, and then you can hang your coat. Also, on the flat part, you can leave hats, purses, bags, scarfs… Having in this way another point of support. The main idea comes from a shopping trolley. With its clean and simple structure of wire.



At the same time, it can be used in an inferior level, and use it as a shoe keeper. In this way, you have both levels, the floor and the hanger. It’s a very clean option to leave all the shoes from the ones who live inside, and make a more organized and clean space.



It’s also presented in different colours: black, grey and light pink. Because, in this way, you can better personalize the spaces, depending on the user. Giving this way the option to choose. Sincerely, it’s a very simple design, but very functional. And it’s a perfect complement to leave it through that entrances that are not that big or occupied. The size is perfect, and it doesn’t occupy that much.