Céline Store, refined primitivism

The Al-Jawad Pike studio is in charge of designing a set of stores for Céline in Milan and Rome, taking the concept of monolithism and singular materiality to its maximum expression.

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The with base in focuses on the use of a pale concrete as the basis of space. The experience is based on fusion and carving, on the contrast of solid and vacuum.

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The base concrete acquires shades with the incorporation of different aggregates of stones both in the pavement and in the niches that give rise to the exhibition spaces.

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Céline Store merges within the same space architecture and sculpture

Céline-Store-al-jawad-pike-more with-less-magazine-04

In contrast, Céline shows the products by means of singular pieces that serve as pedestals. The inclusion of a series of stone monoliths in orange tones, together with a metal coat rack in black, provides contrast and warmth.

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In the same way, a special space within Céline stands out for the use of a green velvet textile floor.

Céline-Store-al-jawad-pike-more with-less-magazine-06

Posing a silent-looking store like Céline’s, allows us to contrast with the overload vision of the surrounding department stores. This approach based on tranquility and material allows to enhance the product and generate a unique experience for the visitor.

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Photograph by Simon Menges.

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