Cementery in Fisterra, a place for rest.


The cemetery of Fisterra, designed by the architect César Portela, is located in the Cabo de Finisterra, Pontevedra, and was built in 1937.


finisterre-more-with-less-05finisterre-more-with-less-02When I designed and built the Finisterre Cemetery, the first thing I wanted to do was to give the dead the rest they deserve in a sublime place where architecture could merge positively with nature, as the land, sea and sky have done in the same place since time immemorial.




In the project cemetery in Fisterra one has the feeling that something is ending, as if you were saying goodbye not only to the day, but to this world, accompanied by the hope that another better one we will find tomorrow, with the birth of the new day.finisterre-more-with-less-16finisterre-more-with-less-12finisterre-more-with-less-03


Just as the lone palm tree is capable of responding to the grandeur of the desert; just as the sail of a boat, however small, responds to the vastness of the ocean; and just as a burst of fragrance responds to the evening and renders it enchanted, with this project I wanted to respond to cultural, anthropological and spiritual concerns and to all humanity, so heedlessly moving towards a globalised society. I wanted to respond to this one-track thinking which, on the pretext of overcoming isolation and backwardness, destroys the diversity, complexity and identity of each group or individual, rendering us all not citizens of the world but global villagers; voracious consumers of a multinational market, and conditioning and destroying feelings, philosophy, science and art, everything that shows how rich, deep and marvellous people and life in general can be.finisterre-more-with-less-07


finisterre-more-with-less-09I wanted to finally prove that there is hope, that it is always possible to react to the system and to respond to it with any project, in any place, even if, as in this case, it is a place as remote as Finisterre and a work as insignificant as this cemetery.

Description: César Portela