Černá Voda Mountain Lodge by ADR


In the Krkonoše Mountains, north of Czech Republic settles the small mountain lodge Černá Voda, by ADR just near the Pomezní Boudy border checkpoint.


The original lower ski-lift has been replaced and refitted with a new wooden structure along the confluence of the Kolben and Černá Voda streams, the latter of which the mountain lodge is named after. It was the owner’s preference to have a small structure that would function as short-term accomodation for guests of the nearby Tereza mountain chalet.



The Černá Voda Mountain Lodge features a simple architecture that stands out within its surroundings


Černá Voda Mountain Lodge is a wooden structure measuring approximately 5.3m x 5.6m. This lodge features a hallway, living room with kitchen facilities, bathroom and a toilet. The sleeping space spans across the upper level of a portion of the living room and the vestibule. These areas are accessible via a staircase from the living room. The living room has open ceiling with exposed rafter, while the sleeping spaces are covered with protective netting.


The mountain lodge settles into a steep north-east facing slope of Pomezní hřeben, just next to the stream. The foundations of the structure consists of concrete piers, and the above-ground structure is made of wood. The roof and side façade are made of blackened aluminium sheet metal, while the gable walls are clad in a blackened wood. The Černá Voda Mountain Lodge stands alone on a mountain meadow and is surrounded by grown trees and shrubbery.


The large corner window of the mountain lodge permit a large panoramic view of Malá Úpa river and the surrounding landscape.