“Chai Wan Fire Station” by Chan Dick

From his studio’s bathroom windows, the Chinese photographer Chan Dick, had been capturing the day-to-day of Chai Wan fire station in Hong Kong. This gorgeous bird eye’s view series (Chan Dick use to shot from the fourteenth floor of his building) presents the daily life of the fire station. Besides the physical trainings, he also captures another less usual fleeting moments as a volleyball match, the washing of trucks that draws artificial streams on the green asphalt, or guided school tours inside the fire station.




The dynamic composition in a small square static stage provides a dramatic and almost childish appearance, giving to the viewer the sense that the main characters captured are toys. The figurines give a very different appearance to each capture depending of how they are distributed. To achieve this static effect of the stage, Chan Dick steadied the camera upside down to get always the same frame and he awaited with patience to that characters who shared the framework in each photography were placed into the ideal position to capture this instant in time.

According to Chan Dick, Chai Wan Fire Station series is a tribute both to firemen as the minimalist aesthetic that he advocates



According to Chan Dick, this photographic series is a tribute both to firemen as the minimalist aesthetic that he advocates, which allows convey messages with an overwhelming strength and character, with a pure and light appearance.