5ENAD // Circular Economy Opening Conference

5ENAD-Technology and the Circular Economy-More with less design Magazine

In the framework of the Valencia Disseny Week, the 5th National Meeting of Design Associations # 5ENAD will also take place, organized by READ and ADCV, with the opening conference to be held on Thursday 21st of September at 10h.

Under the title “Technology and the Circular Economy”, the talk will deal with circular design, and its relationship with circular economy and innovation. Emma Fromberg, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, will also present “Circular Design Guide”, a tool with methods and resources for designers who want to get started in circular design, developed by the Foundation Collaboration with the IDEO Study.

A totally recommendable and free event, after confirmation of assistance to the email: info@adcv.com. You can find more information in the following link.