Circus couches, the colorful sofas of Llot Llov

Circus couches are a serie of sofas designed by Llot Llov. This Berliner studio was created by Ania Bauer and Jacob Brinck. The main philosophy of their design is to be functional and emotional at the same time. Their clients are mostly hotels, architects, manufacturers,… And their work is shown in design fairs. Between them work with little teams and combine professional abilities to work in interdisciplinary areas.

In this case, the Circus couches were made for the “Kaiser Apartment” in The Circus Apartments. And all the spaces are furnished by Llot LLov. It has been launceh in 2016 and manufactured by ARTWORK SHOP GmbH. Also, each sofa has a different heigh.

The play of the colors allow to have a huge visual atraction to this sofas. The fabric of this sofas is made by Kvadrat and Febrik. In total, the amount of peces are 3 sofas and the sidetables which follows this. There are two of them that has a more conventional form for four people. One of them has a side table made of plates of lacquered wood, combined with the metal tubular structure.

The simplicity of Circus couches allows to share moments and be shared with people. To watch a movie, talk or read

On the other hand, one of the Circus couches is mor big and wide. This has the wood as an auxiliar table. Beside to highlight that on the part of behind of the back has one of this plate to add any kind of object. It’s functional to save space and furniture in this zone.

All the structure of the sofa is made of tubular metal. The form of Circus couches is very simple. Really attract attention, so it is very intuitive as furniture and for the pieces that it is formed. Further on of what you see there is nothing more, and its function it’s clear and without any kind of chaos. This is a sofa really made for share and be shared.