City module, how to adapt to city needs and spaces.

by | 15 October 2017 | architecture

City Modulo is a building located in Odessa, Grecheskaya, Ukraine. Although, conceptually it has been thought to be able to be constructed in different places, of similar similes. A projects designed and carried out by the young architecture studio M-3 architects.

Despite being located in an urban center, City Module is designed for both urban and suburban areas. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to almost any environment. A flexibility that seeks to appeal to a wide variety of public.

In addition to being a project with a very contemporary look, the use of materials from the area, make it also responsible in the economic aspects. City Module is built with micro-concrete, laminated wall panels, perforated mesh and aluminum windows. This ones can be placed randomly, to facilitate the versatility on the design.

City module is a flexible system, capable of functioning for different users and urban spaces.

The modular construction that Ciudad Module offers, allows to modify its functional structure according to the requirements of each area and its use. Just with slight modifications, the structure opens and changes, adapting to the the client needs.

From a restaurant, to an office or a residential building, as far as the imagination of its user arrives. Modular City is possible thanks to a responsible use of the technology, of the near resources, and of a way of thinking and making architecture that contemplates the diverse possibilities of the most current spaces.

The current building constructed City Module, also has a roof that houses a restaurant with great city views. A public air space. A possibility of inhabit also from above; quality that invites the cities to live and watch from a different perspective.

A young and contemporary building, which in turn takes into account the historical environment in which it is located. A young, fresh and simple architecture that retains the charm of the idiosyncrasy of the old city. Easily adaptable and responsible with its environment and economy, without abandoning an elegant and minimalist

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