Cladach House by DUA House


The Dublin based architectural studio, DUA have recently completed their residential project, Cladach House, in Donegal, northwest Ireland. The site of this project is situated on an elevated position that provides impressive views over the area of Sheephaven Bay. This new building sits within a ribbon development of vernacular houses which have a resulting form, scale, and height that are based on a sympathetic approach to its surrounding landscape and context. The architects have stripped back the local vernacular to its simplest form, removing any unnecessary details, and cantilevering the roof beyond the walls in order to alleviate the need for gutters or drain pipes.



The DUA House creates the perfect escape, in which one is completely immersed in nature’s beauty



The main focus of the DUA House were the views beyond and the sky above, in which the architecture plays a supporting role and attempts to emphasize this. So as not to compete with this, the interior of the DUA House was kept simple. Oak floors run throughout and a deep sculpted roof floats just above, capturing and directing the light into the interior spaces below. Full height mirrors bring in the landscape and creating vistas around the house. Furthermore, custom-made furniture ensures that everything is integrated, so as not distract from the calmness and peacefulness the house strives to achieve.



All the photos belong to DUA.