House with views of Africa, Claire House

Casa-Claire-house-more-with-less-13Claire House, work of the DTR_studio architects studio, is located in a privileged position in the municipality of Gaucín. Its status as a watchtower gives the possibility of a 360º look towards the landscape that surrounds it.

The different orientations with which the house counts mark both the language and the position of the gaps.


To the south there is a façade that faces Africa and that opens up protecting itself from sunlight and blending in with the surrounding environment.



The capable volume appears as another element totally integrated into the landscape where the project is located.

The sloping roof reminds us of the shape of the other houses in the municipality of Gaucín. A roof that generates a rich interior space with a scale and dimension that fall within the canons of the dwelling of the place.

To the north, the façade responds to some more partial conditions, framing certain views towards the mountain range and enabling the observation of birds and stars and endowing the proposal with a great abstract power that leads us to think about popular construction not subject to pre-established rules.

The staggering volume of the Claire house brings us closer to the scale of the surrounding houses of the place and generates a terrace where you have a total panoramic view of the entire landscape that surrounds it.Casa-Claire-house-more-with-less-15Casa-Claire-house-more-with-less-07

The house is continually crossed by crossed looks that help positioning in the different elements of the landscape.

The outdoor spaces generate routes that evoke the Andalusian patios where white, water and vegetation are the fundamental ingredients.



In the materiality of housing, white dominates and simplicity in details where spatiality appears as a fundamental element of Casa Claire’s project, without neglecting the commitment to efficiency and comfort.



A few small details in wood complete the materiality of this house.

Photography: Cris Beltran