Cling desk, by Judith Faßbender, hides extensible storage space

There are objects that are useful only when used. The problem is that while these objects are not used, they take up space, and this space is part of our living space. The Cling desk, designed by Judith Faßbender, hides storage spaces that increase their capacity as we store things inside. The 3rd year student in Industrial Design, Judith Faßbender, is living in Halle, a small city near Leipzig, Germany. In Halle is the well known School of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein, where Cling desk has been designed and built.

The Cling Desk had it seeds in the question of formation of space.



The Cling Desk had it seeds in the question of formation of space. The growth of volume through its content, plus a rising transparency, as known from a gum bubble, has been elements I wanted to tranfer to storage space.


Stowage never exists for its own purpose, only the need to store an objekt makes its existance neccessary. Through that quality, the existance and the size of the space itself is connected to the sheltered object. The quality of the shelters surface, its transparency, shows the content on different levels.

The Cling Desk hides underneath its folding desktop four differently sized frames, covered with a thin, super resistant latex skin. Two bigger frames in the sides and two smaller, caused by the size less flexible, ones in the middle, above the area you sit. A divided hatch still offers you to place a lamp or to pack away things.

By second glance, the raw brass gripe is a contrasting detail in the clean design, as it is meant to oxidize through usage, so it showes of where it is meant to be handled.

If you put something inside the desktop, the latex skin curves down with the object. A temporary space forms, which size depends on the content and would not even exist without it. Stowage that only arises when it is needed.

Cling_more_with_less_06 Cling_more_with_less_07 Cling_more_with_less_08 Cling_more_with_less_09

Material: untreated oak, coated plywood, oak plywood, Latex, brass

Measures: 75 x 135 x 70 cm