Closer, contemporary take on traditional materials

Closer is a devised side table made by the Swede designer Sanna Völker. This designer is specialized in furniture and product design. When she was young she moved to Barcelona to find new experiences. She was for a long time, while each year travels for some months to discover new corners in the world. But to see, feel and listen new things, have allowed her to create an idea which takes time and care, and then rises a practical product. Currently she is working as freelance between Spain and Scandinavia. She has been award-winning and recognised many times as designer.

In concrete, in Closer, Sanna mixes Scandinavian values with contemporary attitude and life. It’s a design made for the Danish brand Boila. It was exposed in Maison&Object the last week. She maintains a contemporary form but with a tradition behind them. Which is remarked for the materials that are used.

The name of Closer was chosen ex post of the production. The main inspiration comes from the album Closer, of Joy Division, after reading a comment made by Peter Saville. He said: ‘This cover for the band’s second album was like a work of antiquity, but inside is a vinyl album, so it’s a postmodern juxtaposition of a contemporary work housed in the antique.’ This defines that the new things are mixed with the old ones, and when this happens, it appears a mix very strong and different about what we are used to.

‘Closer for Bolia is an elegant side table where traditional materials meet contemporary form’

The tradition in Closer is defined by the surface of the table. It is made of marble. Which makes it distinctive is the join between the two circles to interact. The same time create an alliance between marble and wood. There are two versions, one that the marble is all black, and the other one with one of them in red.

On the other hand, in Closer another distinctive fact are the legs. This are made as in a intersection, which makes a visual play and lightness that counteract the visual weight of the upper side. The contrast of the light part and the sturdy one creates a balance and a contemporary detail which gives a unique form.