Collection 0 is a tribute to intercultural roots

Collection 0 is a set of furniture created by Hi Thanks Bye studio. This collection is the debut of the studio, and it’s composed by the chinese-canadian duo Stein Wang and Topher Kong. They graduated in 2017, but worked in many projects while they were taking the career. They create a narrative behind of each design. The name of the studio comes from the treatment that it’s made between the client and the studio.



They lean on the cultural and academic experience, to transfer the meaning of the furniture. So, they also worked with manufacturers and craftsman from China and Canada, mixing apart from the concept, also the materials.



The main materials are sheets and tubes of cold laminated steel, and finished with ‘deep green forest’ matt paint. On the other hand, the textiles made by hand gives the warmth and the comfort of the product.



Collection 0 combine in one hand the aesthetic of the Chinese gardens and, on the other hand, the beauty of natural Canadian islands



The collection is made of a chair, an auxiliar table, a carpet, a stool, one floor lamp, and a divider for a room, with the function of a shelf.


The RO chair is based in the typical Chinese chair, with a modern touch. With a circular support and the armrest, which has the gesture that follows the position of the arm.



The VO auxiliar table is made of sheets and tubes of steel. Its form is functional and friendly. With a small inclination, as if the gesture gives its services.



The OO carpet is mainly inspired in the coast of Fogo island. Giving the sensation that you’re stepping in the moss, converting this into a sensorial sensation. Made of 100% wool designed by Avis Ho.



The FO lamp is a completely poetic interpretation. Is the representation of the moon when shines above the Ontario lake. Using this way, the traditional technique from China for the creation of textile.



The stool is based mainly in the architecture from the Chinese yard. And the added value and to highlight, is that it has a hook to hang the belongings of each other to be calm and comfortable.



The UO divisor is thought such a multiple manners of saving things. Based in the rough landscape, and the principle of the Chinese garden ‘seen but not seen’.



Collection 0 was launched for the London Design Fair in 2018.