College of Technology and Management of Nuno Montenegro

The College of Technology and Management of the Portuguese town of Beja perches on the hill by means of volumes adapted to the topography. Nuno Montenegro develops this project of about 11,600 square meters that houses five different blocks.


The welcome to the College is made through a large portico of 50.70 meters of cantilever, which receives the students through the flared gesture of its volumetry.


The arrival piece becomes an icon and floats over the gardens and the access road. A rear volume of dimensions similar to the porch closes a semi-open patio by one of its sides.


The College of Technology and Management receives and embraces students through a porch that engulfs, and an open courtyard that protects


The white architecture contrasts with the black of some walls and elements. Thick walls and small windows reflect the traditional architecture of the place. The mass is made light with porches like this one, where a pre-stressed concrete structure allows to generate a constant shadow area that moves with the passage of the day.


The interior of the building is distributed through classrooms, conference rooms, offices and other educational rooms. Throughout the complex the color white is kept, dotted with wooden elements in black. In addition, human silhouettes on a real scale populate the project, cutting into wood and concrete walls, or adding to glass doors and surfaces.


Photograph by Fernando Guerra.