Concave experimentation and transformation

The Concave family of products is a furniture project developed by Christian Heikoop. Christian is a Dutch multidisciplinary designer. Among his concerns as a designer is to explore the processes of the industry. The exploration of the properties and possibilities of the materials leads you to a new language that we can see influenced in your projects. Generally, works in the field of product design and creative coordination.


Concave is a family of minimalist chairs made in a single material. The peculiarity of its design lies in its development, through hammering a 15 mm steel tube.

The Concave family uses a material that leads to this new and fluid form of language

This project was presented in the Dutch design week this year 2017. It consists of a chair and a bench, both made with hammered steel tubes. Its design is characterized by the prominent connections of its parts. These pieces appear as simple structures, but when looking closer, reveals a twisted shape. It is the manufacture of the material that leads to this new and fluid form of language, where the tubes have been manipulated to support different functions, such as the armrests.


With this project, Christian Heikoop was the winner of the 3rd edition of the Talent’s Manifesto contest. A call for young designers under 30 years where they had to develop a project under the brief: Outdoor and public spaces.


His project is based on the exploration of different areas of design, crossing borders, fusing graphic, product, interior and fashion skills. Creating a unique product and a graphic design language: pushing the limits and looking beyond the current limits. Christian Heikoop says that the new aesthetics, shapes, feelings and products can be derived and transformed in a surprising way thanks to innovation, techniques and different methods of transformation.