Conifera, the installation of COS for the Milan Fair 2019

On the occasion of the Milan Fair in 2019, COS presents its eighth installation. This edition is designed by the study of the French architect Arthus Mamou-Mani.


Conifera is conceived as an ethereal journey between a future of design, technology and innovative materials. The installation covers the passage from the central courtyard of Palazzo Isimbardi to the adjacent gardens, uniting architecture and the natural world.


Conifera accentuates the transition between architecture and garden, between artificial and natural


A corridor is built using bio-plastic modules printed in 3D, using parametric software as a tool. The use of renewable materials and technologies develops a language that looks to the future, but reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship.


The architect Mamou-Mani defines Conifera as the union of the digital and physical world, paying attention to sustainability with the use of bio-plastic materials. A total of 700 modular bio-bricks are intertwined creating a structural that ranges from monumentality to lightness.


The installation varies the material used from wood and bio-plastic to a translucent version, creating a digital bridge between the architecture and the garden, between opacity and transparency, and between the artificial and the natural.




Photographs provided by COS.