Cook Kos House, traditional architecture boutique hotel


Cook Kos House, by the architects Ilias Mastrominas Architects and Associates, is a complex on the island of Kos, Greece. Within an area of 29,080 square meters, it has almost 6000 square meters built.


Building on the traditional Greek architecture, Cook Kos House is a group of cubic houses with one and two floors grouped together, which generate the sense of settlement.


The origin of Cook Kos House comes from the term ‘parea’, which in greek means ‘meeting of friends’. This concept is the thread of the entire brand and way of life that is created around this boutique hotel.



Cook Kos House, contemporary and minimalist interiors derived from the greek architecture of centuries past



The whole complex of Cook Kos House is created from the joint work of architects and interior designers. The latter, Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schi ckinger (LAMBS&LIONS) project a luxury boutique hotel from traditional Greek austerity.


At the level of architecture, they emphasize their simple volumes, which generate private spaces with a community character. Cook Kos House is built from hand-crafted walls, non-aligned doors, blinds built as hundreds of years ago, and strong African influences in their hues.


The whole is filled with lush vegetation in different gardens and patios. The interiors of the rooms have simple lines furniture combined with natural and rough textures. All this makes Cook Kos House a place of community spirit.


Photograph by Georg Roske.