Cora House by BLOCO Arquitetos


The recently built Cora House in Brasilia, by the Brazilian studio BLOCO Arquitetos is a unique residential project with an abstract character. The steep slope towards the rear of the lot between its two sides, has led to the decision to place the building’s program along two different internal levels. One of them is aligned with the highest point of the topography, while the other is aligned with the lowest point of the topography inside the projection of the construction. The Cora House aims to function as a device to exaggerate the perception of its context- the modified topography, the conditions of the natural lighting in the area, creates a “promenade architecturale” that reveals specific views towards its immediate surroundings.



Cora House is a minimalist abode with an abstract character and façade layout



The maximum height on the main volume’s perimeter is fixed while the various inclinations of the roof of the Cora House were manipulated following the desired heights of the internal ceiling heights. The ramp of the main access point, follows the approximate inclination of the existing topography under a roof which “compresses” the internal ceiling heights towards the centre of the house, which expands out again towards the existing woodland in the backyard. That same inclination that results from this feature that is also reflected in the eaves of the roof in the upper floor.


Along the front façade of the Cora House, there are no windows except for three white doors that vary in size according to their function: they offer direct access to the bedrooms, the service access, and the main access. The house sacrifices part of its lot to the street, as there are not fences or walls. The solidity of the front façade is contrasted by the back façade which features large transparent openings.