Cork Trays, from the wicker to the corck tray

Cork Trays is a collection of trays created by the designer, Saif Faisal. He founded his studio and works into an interdisciplinary design, with the headquarters in Bangalore, India. Also, he as a lot of collaborations around the world, and prizes won in competitions. And is focalized in a more sensible, reflexive and meaningful design. Seeking for the simplicity, but the most, departing from the geometric forms.



In this case, he presents Cork Trays. This collection of three trays, are mainly inspired in the ancient wicker trays. They feature for its versatility and the resistance about this. His main objective was to redesign a classic object, having the most nice essence and purity.



With Cork Trays, the sight is focus on the other side. It’s looked for to be ecologic and having a contemporaneous expression. For this, we can add that it comes with three different shapes: square, circle and enlarged. This allows to use and adapt them easily in the different ambiences of the home, or even at work.



Cork Trays were thought to be versatile and save the stationary things on them



It’s main function is to save from the sight the objects that are more needed. Such as the jewelry, some pens, the keys,… But when it’s not being used, it can be hanged. So, in this way, you don’t fill spaces in other sites, and it could be such as a decorative element.



Each tray is made of two different corks: one for the structure, and the other for the belt to hang it. The first one is more normal, but with a resistant structure. For the belt, they keep with the cork, but recovered with a rubber. So, in this way, it is protected and it gives resistance and flexibility to be hanged.



What’s more, the cork is an excellent antibacterial and resistant to the humidity. In this way its durability is more and it’s not a problem to keep it clean. Finally, it is a great complement to have your things in order.