Cottage near a pond by Atelier111

The project of a Cottage near a pond made by the Czech architecture studio Atelier111, is inspired by the traditional fishermen’s cottage in the area. The place where it is located is the edge of a pond, in the Czech Republic, surrounded by a lush and picturesque landscape.


The size of the intervention is limited by regulations, therefore, the 50 square meters of constructed surface and 5 meters of height are not exceeded. The Cottage allows a family to stay during the summer season.


The idea of the project consists of generating four small volumes on two sides, lined with wood, which maintain the aesthetics of the place and integrate with the landscape. This strategy of generating a single hut from a fragmented a priori volume, helps to decompose a heavy construction image, relating more nicely with the environment.


The Cottage near a pond is conceived as a composition of pieces that work together, respecting through its geometry and materiality of the environment where it perches


The program of the Cottage is distributed in a simple way. It is accessed through the central piece, which contains the kitchen, dining room, toilet and a small loft that adapts as a children’s bedroom. Another piece acts as a living room, the third volume being the master bedroom. To complete the set, a fourth cottage appears separately, this time dedicated to storage and a small covered porch, which acts as a terrace, framing the views of the pond.


The interior maintains the warm aesthetic of the project. Wood is the main element both outside and inside, through the use of slats. To the outside the wood turns a darker color while in the inside of the house uses a lighter and softer wood to the touch.


The interior design is completed with few pieces of furniture in gray and white, and a metal fireplace in black in the center of the living room.


Photograph by BoysPlayNice.