‘Courts’ by Ward Roberts


In the series ‘Courts’ by Ward Roberts, the artist recreates different scenes between the suburban and the utopian, portraying playgrounds in several cities, such as Hong Kong, Hawaii or Melbourne.

Currently based in New York, Roberts lived much of his childhood in Hong Kong. The photographer expresses that of this last city, and of the hours spent playing in these areas of play, is where the idea of portraying these spaces comes from.



Despite the fact that these play areas are recurrent elements in the various residential complexes spread throughout the city of Hong Kong, Roberts would discover a connection with this type of collective spaces, meeting with them in different cities throughout these years.



The photographs of ‘Courts’ by Ward Roberts spread a sense of nostalgia, creating a particular eutopy in pastel tones.

Roberts studied Fine Arts at the RMIT in Melbourne, specializing in photography, and at the New School in New York. The recurrent use of pastel shades in his work generates a feeling of nostalgia and isolation, a kind of postmodern euphoria.



His work on the playgrounds consists of two series, the first performed between 2007 and 2012, and the second between 2011 and 2015. Counting locations as diverse as Hong Kong, Bermuda, Hawaii, Melbourne or New York, the However, Roberts’ work is completely homogeneous. Without really importing the location, the artist highlights the shapes and colors that characterize this type of collective courtyards, built as a private outdoor space between the tall residential buildings.

In short, the work done in ‘Courts’ by Ward Roberts shows a quality not only compositional, but also discourse, creating a door to the memories of his childhood in Hong Kong.