CPH-01, a new type of urban space

CPH-01 is a project that seeks to install a series of new floating urban spaces in the port of Copenhagen. With this action, it is possible to democratize the use of water from the ports of the cities, giving the inhabitant the option to take over the public space beyond the mainland.


Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish designer Magnus Maarbjerg create CPH-01 as part of the Copenahagen Islands project. This prototype is a small platform of about 20 square meters built by hand in a port shipyard.


CPH-01 is a desert island in the middle of a big city, a new public space ready to be conquered


CPH-01 is the first prototype built, a raft that floats in the water and that is accompanied by a tilia tree. But the intention of the Copenahagen Islands project is much more ambitious. Other functions will be added to this first platform, such as saunas, gardens, floating gardens, springboard, cafe or small stages.


The flotation allows the displacement and with it the adaptability of the island to the different events, times of the year and places of the port of the city. The idea is to create a large floating park, like an archipelago, that allows activating life in certain points and recovering from oblivion others.


Access to the platforms will be free, allowing the arrival of sailors, kayakers and fishermen. CPH-01 can be found at Kronløbsbassinet in Nordhavn in the summer of 2018, and at Enghave Brygge in autumn.


Photographs by Christian Emdal.