Cruzzeria, a restaurant by phdd studio

Cruzzeria is the restaurant created by phdd studio and located in Cais do Sodré, in the center of Lisbon. A unique space in the place of an author kitchen that mixes raw food, Asian, Latin American and pizzas made in the wood oven.


In charge of Chef Miguel D’Orey, the restaurant maintains the original structure of the building. The thick stone walls are characteristic of this type of property, giving way to a diaphanous space sequenced by two large stone arches.


The location of the cross is deeper than the width and the strengthening of this longitudinal perception. The distribution is simple but effective: a large bar develops in parallel along the entire median, thus gaining a lot of work surface. On the other hand, the room itself, is developed parallel to the bar and facing it.


This distribution allows the diner to have a view at all times that occurs in the kitchen and enjoy even more of the experience, summarizing everything that happens in a single space. The bottom of the premises is completed with a piece of services of two heights that serves as a backdrop.


In the interior design of Cruzzeria the lighting, the linearity and the respect for the existing space are the key to enjoy each dish


Cruzzeria is an exercise to expand and cut. On the one hand, elements such as the long length of the bar, the wooden luminaire hanging on it, which the company from the beginning to the end; and the installations that, respecting the arches, hang under these and cross the room all along; all this makes the scale of the place expand. But at the same time the sequence of arches segments and gives rhythm to the space, removing the tunnel sensation.


Materiality is an aspect that stands out. The strong personality of the stone of the façade wall and of the arches is respected and valued. To do this, the side walls are treated as mere neutral backgrounds of brick, painted in light color. The ceilings in black as well as the installations that come off of these, compensate the great height.


The bar seems to be part of the local forever. The use of the stone both on the front and on the envelope, makes it integrate with the other elements. The furniture of wooden chairs and unique elements such as the large luminaire of the bar or the bottom of the room, bring warmth to the site. The lighting design is the responsibility of Joana Forjaz and is a key element in Cruzzeria. The creation of a wooden scenographic background, which conceals the services but which at the same time houses the distinctive touch with blown glass luminaries, is the responsibility of the artist Martinho Pita.



Photograph by Francisco Nogueira.

Construction: Grupo Fas.

Image design: WSA.