CS House, a rock that looks at the landscape

by | 29 November 2017 | architecture


CS House of the Italian studio Duearchitetti is located on the top of a hill, in a residential settlement with privileged views. The dominant view is southwest and will be tangible in each room of this house.


CS House comes from a pre-existing project in Pescia di Varese, which designs a house on two levels, adapting to the slope of the land. The lower level develops longitudinally as a basement embedded in the hill. On this level, the rooms, gymnasium and study are located, as well as different terraces that can be moved on the upper floor.


The rooms of the lower part are based on the individuality of each of them, opening to the landscape on one side and closing on the opposite facade. It is played with the contrasts between natural light and darkness.


CS House is a compliment to the landscape that surrounds it, where each room looks outside trying to capture snapshots in a different way


The upper floor of CS House is conceived in an opposite way: a single living space, which opens to the landscape as much as possible without creating enclosed spaces. An irregular geometry in front of the geometric rotundity of the lower floor. The shape of the space seems to refer to a rock that perches on a large continuous terrace created by the lower volume.


At the material level, CS House plays with stone and wood as well as blank walls and glass on the lower level. On the upper floor, on the other hand, we find a neutral plant in gray color, as extracted from the rock itself, which creates the entire living area. The gray color in walls, floors and ceilings, metallic carpentry in aged bronze color and a furniture that becomes object becomes the perfect frame to contemplate the landscape.


It is worth noting how the landscape sneaks inside CS House, through large windows, playing with cross views. Traditionally opaque objects, such as the chimney hole, are also part of the landscape, creating different and unique ways of looking at the exterior.


Photographs by Simone Bossi.




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