Cumulus, a space for calm. By Iranzo, Rittler and Kesting

Cumulus, the place where calm reigns.


 Photo © Thomas Lewandovski

A cloud is a parasite in the sky, floating as part of a natural pattern of streaks, rays, birds, and stars within the earth’s atmosphere. Such is the concept for ‘cumulus’, an installation by jordi iranzo, stefanie rittler, and nadine kesting for Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany. The construct is meant to provide a serene, ethereal, and calming experience. with a simple and regular shape, the interaction of the piece with the user involves a variation in its form thanks to the elasticity of the fabric covering the structure. inside, the white body seems to gravitate with a feeling of lightness, it is the place where calm reigns.




Photo © Thomas Lewandovski

Along the edges, contours navigate vertically towards an oculus that permits light and fresh air. at night, three suspended lights provide an alternative appearance as silhouettes are created. in turn, through the enclosing surface you can only see the shadows of what exists outside and its materiality distorts sounds to the extent that they aren’t clear enough to perceive their origin.



Photo © Thomas Lewandovski


Photo © Thomas Lewandovski

The materials have been used in the project are steel and a 3D fabric. The advantage is that the fabric has two external layers connected through plastic thin threads. This gives the product elasticity and theair can flow through it.


Photo © Thomas Lewandovski


Photo © Thomas Lewandovski


Photo © Thomas Lewandovski


Photo © Thomas Lewandovski cumulus_cloud_09

Photo © Thomas Lewandovskicumulus_cloud_10

Photo © Thomas Lewandovski

During the exhibition of the project at the School of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein of Halle last July 2014.

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