Timber daybed, inspired by japanese philosophy of design


Even though Ania Rosinke, Chmara.rosinke (Vienna), is not from any Asian country, this project follows the japanese philosophy and the care and aesthetic of design. Inspired by the aesthetic of japanese architecture she created this daybed, a time to yourself, an ode to privacy as elegant and fine as possible that reminds us the importance of intimacy in japanese philosophy and culture.


This daybed inspired by Japanese philosophy remains our calm untochable

Soft tones, simple shapes, perfection of details, austerity and a subtle play with composition. Maybe this is the mix required to transmit this serenity and calm, of course, an object can transmit this kind of feelings, and I would go so far as to say that this is its obligation, but that is another story. The daybed structure is made out of massive maple covered with a soft grey wool sheets that you can spread out when you want to rest. The three textile screens with an organic appearance remind us three light and elegant trees that rise up shyly and protect our refuge.  privacy to keep our calm untouchable. 


The posture of the screens speak by us to point out our predisposition to converse when they are raised, allowing the movement, or our need for rest and sleep when they bow their heads. With an autere appearance but with a high sensitivity, each junction between different materials and between different parts of the daybed are pampered and taken care of in every detail, keeping the own purity of the japanese design while respecting the shyness of the japanese philosophy.