Del Popolo, pizza on the move

Del PopoloA food truck is a large vehicle equipped to cook and sell food. Sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries and a large list of fast food are their best sellers. However, in the last years and due to the pop-up restaurant phenomenon, food trucks offering gourmet cuisine and a variety of specialties have become particularly popular. Jon Darsky, a San Francisco-based pizzaiolo, decided to take the “gastronomy on the move” idea one step further and developed a mobile pizzeria in a modern stylish way.
Del Popolo2 Del Popolo3
Del Popolo, literally meaning of the people, is a pizza truck housed in a transatlantic shipping container mounted to a Freightliner M2 truck that has been re-purposed and modified into a kitchen. Del Popolo features a handmade Stefano Ferrara wood-burning oven –capable of producing 72 pizzas- that can be seen from the outside, thanks to a custom-made wall of glass doors.

Del Popolo means of the people, and its name sums up perfectly Jon Darsky’s idea of inclusivity -bringing pizza to everyone-

Del Popolo4 Del Popolo5 Del Popolo6A range of obstacles were faced while designing Del Popolo. Jon Darsky trusted industrial designer Michael Hyde to help him overcome those difficulties. Demolition on the central area of the shipping container to build the doors and a staircase between the oven level and the service level was part of Del Popolo’s complicated construction, but the result has made the difficult process worthwhile: a Neapolitan-inspired pizzeria were customers are served at eye level – a rare element for a food truck- and the food is made from organic ingredients sourced from domestic and Italian producers.
Del Popolo7
Del Popolo9 Del Popolo8Following the success of Del Popolo, Darsky has finally opened his brick-and-mortar dreamed restaurant, featuring the same motto as the mobile pizzeria: to offer naturally-leavened, wood-fired pizza.
Del Popolo 10

Photography is by: Eric Zepeda, Matthew Millman, David Kover