Delta, modular shelving system

Delta is a modular shelving system designed by LaSelva studio for WOODENDOT. The studio, works from Spain and Mexico. Formed by Manuel Bañó y David Galvañ. They look for cover new necessities and users, being based on the detail and the studio of new materials. On the other hand, WOODENDOT was borned from the Tierra de Pinares’ wood. Created this by Daniel and María, in 2013. They base its products in wood. Combining this way, the knowledge from the craftmen with the designer’s proposals.



Together, they create the shelf Delta. The main characteristic of this is that it’s all modular. The geometric form of this, allows to be connected between itself. It can be places such as vertical, or creating a 90º angle. This is given thanks to the legs, that it has a triangular form, and allows to be easily assembled. And, because of this, one module starts where another ends.



This characteristic, allows in Delta a lot of different options to be combined in the space and be a furniture completely versatile. Adapting itself into the space, even if this is small or big. The crossbars are united in the shelf in a very thin and clean way. It can be seen the detail from the upper part, as it can be seen that it fits perfectly.



Delta, is a shelving system with geometric, pure and honest forms, that plays with the uninterrupted continuity



On the other side, between the legs and the shelf, there is a small space, which allows to see the link with the furniture, and also, it creates a lightness on the ambient. At the same time, this has two heights and widths. The play starts here. Where the collocation of this can be varied and different for each user.




Apart from the geometric structure that it has, for the transport it comes in a flat pack. Fact that helps also to be moved more than once. Simultaneously, it’s very easy to assemble. The material which is made of Delta is massif oak, with a finish matt. To end when it’s talked about the design, it can be complemented with a kind of trays. This allows that, the additional necessities, have another kind of value, other space. And what’s more, this way the objects are differentiated from the accessories. Creating at the same time an order and tidiness.



Ultimately, the Delta modularity, together with the philosophy of the production, made it as not only an object, but it has an added value.



Photographer: Ángel Segura