A Design Award presents the best of architecture, interior design and landscape planning

A Design awards recognition of quality and excellence in multiple categories. For example, Good Architecutal Design Award is represented in: Architecture, building and structure, Interior space and exhibition design and Landscape planning and garden. You can check all the disciplines of A Design Award.


Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2017 


Daebong-dong Commercial Skip Floor Commercial Cafe by Junghee Lee (silver winner) is the new  leisure center for covering the curren demand in one of the most young people crowded streets in Tokyo. Two-story building that became a space of four floors separated by a exposed concrete wall was settled in the middle and divided it into two parts again.


Locksmithery Residential Apartment by Tina Kammer (bronze winner) is a remodelation which goal was the reiterpretation of an old workshop building in order to create a contemporary apartment in Stuttgart, Germany.

Square Architecture Design by Mei-Lin Hsu is the project for Tai Cha Store. This comercial building, very close to a mountain, remarks the relationship between tea culture and environmental care in our current world.


Fun paradise Multiple academic functions by Yanming Yin is an architecture project with teaching purposes. The project is attempt to improve rural education and leads the children in low-income areas.


Interior Space and Exhibition Design 


The concept of Health Dandelion Hotel was to create an space for symbolizing health and vitality according to the values linked to the dandelion. So, an opened top-ceiling bright a vertical space, where, plants along the staircase and green carpets recreate a healthy outdoor experience. 


Shenzhen Raffles City Sales Office design by Ajax creates a private garden in a residential space for making up the lack of sufficient green spaces in Shenzhen, China. This great conceptual proyect brings the nature to an indoor space through colors, geometrical lines, plants and a fake sky view made of technical lighting. 


Landscape Planning and Garden 


Regenstein Learning Campus Botanic Garden por Mikyoung Kim está concevido com o una puerta a los espacios verdes. Este proyecto es un centro de investigación natural y un parque  para los niños; creado para que las familias tengan experiencias reales en la naturaleza y re-conecten con ella. 

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